Terms for Return

  1. Quality goods changed or returned by the Buyer within 14 days after the date of purchase of the product. Return of goods accepted upon delivery by the Buyer to Ramalina salon and after confirmation by employee in charge of the fact that the returned goods are in good condition and the return conditions applicable.
  2. The goods manufactured on Buyer's individual order are not accepted back and the money for them is not returned.
  3. The buyer returns faulty goods or proofs of inadequate quality evidence for quality assessment to Ravisana PLLC at 83-84 Žirmūnų str., Vilnius.

When returning goods, the following conditions must be met:

  1. the returned goods delivered to the Seller at Buyer's expense;
  2. the returned goods must not be used;
  3. the returned goods must be in original, intact packaging, never unpackaged;
  4. the goods must be intact by the Buyer;
  5. the returned goods must be of the same composition as sold;
  6. a document confirming the purchase must be delivered for the return of goods (receipt of a cash register or invoice confirming the purchase);
  7. if a warranty period has been set for the product, a warranty document for the goods is required.
  8. the product must not be deprived of its merchantable appearance (undamaged labels, intact protective films, etc.). This condition does not apply to the return of a defective product.

If defects of the product arise due to the fault of the Buyer in case of violation of the rules of transportation, storage or use of the goods, such goods are not changed, the money for the goods is not returned, the goods are returned to the Buyer at his expense.

In case the money is returned not to the Buyer's account, but to the account of another person, it is mandatory to provide a Power of Attorney issued by the Buyer to receive the returned money by another person.